Information for Investors

Information, advice and investment proposals for all independent private investors who identify with any of the following concepts:

Business Angels
Independent individuals who wish to invest part of their current assets (not generally major investments) in the capital of new enterprises (Start Ups), usually brand new or of recent creation (new projects) with significant growth and appreciation prospects, during the process of which they wish to offer their expertise and share the business experience with the promoters and directors of the initiative.
Venture Capitalist
Individuals (or acting through a legal entity) who wish to invest in more consolidated SMEs that need to expand, that have succession issues or need circumstantial assistance. Their contributions tend to be larger and they generally act purely as investors or buyers.
Management Buy-In
Individuals (or acting through a legal entity) who wish to invest in SMEs, generally on a minority basis but taking a majority shareholding thanks to the financial support of a Capital Risk entity (which leverages the operation by means of a participating loan). The investment always implicitly entails the incorporation of the small investor as a senior director responsible for the stage the company is embarking on towards major new growth and appreciation prospects.

… and who wish to receive regular, confidential information on interesting investment projects in line with their profile.

These investments might not only involve newly created projects (Start Ups), or SMEs with specific partner or buyer needs, but could also relate to real-estate projects with assured profitability or operations in other commercial, industrial or financial sectors.


  • We provide on-demand investments in different sectors regarding to companies and commercial real estate.
  • We always act directly with the owners or we get the orders to sell from lawyers and banks.


Allied Management Ltd. is committed to protect the rights of our clients to keep every aspect of the sale confidential and private. Sometimes its necessary to market businesses for sale without customers, competitors, employees or bankers knowing that it is for sale. Therefore no information will be provided to anyone prior the signature of the corresponding confidentiality agreement.

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