Red de Negocios –

(actualizado 26.03.2018)
GUANXIeurope es un Red de Información para empresas europeas y chinas.

Want to make business or influence contacts
in Europe or Asia?
So you better have good GUANXI!
Norberto Moreau (Allied Management Ltd)

GUANXIeurope focus on Marketing Activities related to the Yacht-, Leisure-, Property- and Luxury Market in Asia.

Want to have different results,
you must try different solutions.
Add something new to your network,
and it will change your results.
Norberto Moreau (Allied Management Ltd)

DEFINITION of 'Guanxi': a Chinese term meaning "networks" or "connections," understood to be a network of relationships designed to provide support and cooperation among the parties involved in doing business.


Idioma principal es  Inglés 
We also respond to requests in Chino-Mandarin.

Inicio del proyecto:

Subscription since 2015.
Info page will launched in 2018/19!

Estado técnico:

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