Allied Management Ltd is a group of business consultants located in different parts of the world. It’s administrative office is based in Hong Kong with representations in London, Germany and Spain.
As a company that operates globally with a network of partners, Allied Management Ltd offers a full range of international services.


Allied Management Ltd was starting in 2000 with Real Estate Investments in Shenzhen and with StartUp Financing.

Later Mr. Moreau turned the entrepreneurial vision of partners into reality by building innovative platforms covering Yachts, Events, Real Estate, Online Services.


The Allied Management Ltd Group with his co-owners and a network of associates have meanwhile various activities:

  • Yachting and nautical Events
  • Real Estate and Business Brokerage
  • Online Services 

For some activities we look for local partners to be able to form a joint venture and to run the business more efficiently.



Board of Directors

  • Y. Xiaotao (Director and founding-partner)
    Activities: Builder and Investor in Shenzhen.
  • N. Moreau (CEO, Director and founding-partner)
    Activities: Consultant for Company Brokerage and Comercial Real Estate for 20 years in Germany and other parts of Europe.
    Since 2000 exclusively Member of Supervisory Boards in IT Companies or Startups were Allied Management Ltd. holds partnerships without taking on any managerial role.
  • L. Chung Ying (Secretary)
    Activities: Bookkeeping and Investment Controlling for the company as well as for the other investment-fonds, Hongkong.

Supervisory Board – Y. Xiaotao and N. Moreau


Share Capital – The Share Capital of the Company is HK$10.000 divided into 10.000 shares of HK$1 each.



in Great Britain (London), Germany (Munich, Nuremberg), Spain (Valencia), China (Hongkong / Shenzhen)