Company´s Email Policy

Written by norbertomoreau

Effective from March 2016 the company´s email policy will be changed and with it all projects as having too many even filtered messages.


Serious client requests have to be answered immediately or within 24 hours. Provider requests within the range of 3 till 10 days.


Within time intervals all unprocessed and unanswered emails will be completely removed from the inbox account. The interval depends on the amount of emails which is set to +/- 1000.
This is valid for all Email accounts as well as for the forwarded emails to project managers or collaborators.

Means we will most probably not respond anymore to emails that have not been answered within the above mentioned usual reaction period.


To handle this new procedure all emails from the web projects will be redirected on the servers to a Google account using their spam protection.

The Apple Mail system we used with individual accounts for each project or team member will be deleted and substituted by Google. From the centralized account the mails will be forwarded to each team member.


For the web forms we use the latest Google Recaptcha which has proved to be very effective.

by Norberto Moreau for the Allied Management Group

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Norberto Moreau is co-founder of the Allied Management Ltd Consulting Group (Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Spain). The group and his associates have activities in Yachting, Properties, Events and Online Services.
Activity with own Projects (70%) / Consulting (30%).
Norberto Moreau is available for Business Consulting worldwide at Fairs, Regattas etc.