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As we are publishing various magazines, we thought to offer our visitors an overview of similar information sources in these branches.
The result was a RSS website. 
Means, we import these stories from other news websites and display the headlines with a short part of the article, so that you can decide if you’d like to read it. To read the article, click on its title. This will open the article of the on the home page of the site.When you open a page at nauticwebMEDIA you always have the latest feed available.

The nauticwebMEDIA Magazine delivers RSS news streams from

  • Nautic (Yachting, Regattas…)
  • Port Cities in different parts of the world
  • Travels
  • Internet (Internet, Social Media, Mobile & Apps)
  • Property

from  8 languages sources. If your favorite sites are not included, please make the suggestion.

If you want to get listed with your magazine, just drop us a line. Please note, we “hide” RSS feeds that have not updated in two months, because we won’t display old stuff.


Furthermore we will publish through this website Web- and Press Services, we already offered through our companies page.

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